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Grammar: What is a metaphor?

What is a metaphor?

Is a comparison that does not include the words like or as.

For Example:

– The snow is a white blanket.

– My teacher is a dragon.

– The computers at school are old dinosaurs.

– Those two best friends are two peas in a pod.


Create a short story using a minimum of 6 metaphors. Illustrate the metaphors to support your work.

Can you use a discussion planning proforma correctly?

You have the skills to think of quality arguments for BOTH sides of an argument. You can also discuss and supply supportive evidence to back up your arguments.

But, can you use a planning proforma template to clearly present your ideas well before you compose your draft? Today is your lucky day!

Read the annotated example and assist your teacher to enter the for/against arguments into the proforma displayed on the TV during your lesson. You may create additional supportive evidence that is not listed in the piece titled, Should Students Walk to School?

Demonstrate your skills by finally reading the piece titled, The Fast Food Proposal and completing your own planning proforma. Once again, you can add your creative flair by providing your own supportive evidence in dot points below. The text is there to assist you!

Happy planning and remember you are only planning! Dot points should be brief containing the main ideas – you can flesh it out with more description when you compose your draft later in the week!

Welcome 6T – Class of 2014

The first day of school can be both very exciting and at the same time, a farewell to the freedom of summer holidays. Although the summer season is still upon us, so is the commencement of your final year in primary school. So get ready for Grade 6 guys because it will be the best year yet!

The First Day in Grade 6T – Reflective writing statements


How was your first two days of school in 6T?

Do you have any creative ideas to share with us?

Timed Writing

Today in class we wrote a writing piece for timed writing about the locks on the Brooklyn bridge in New York. Students were given 20 minutes to complete this task and this is the image that inspired us.

Could everyone please post their creative pieces to this post to share with other. Thank-you 🙂

Global Read Aloud – Descriptive writing activity

“Everybody uses words to express themselves. Except me. And I bet most people don’t realise the real power of words. But I do.

Thoughts need words. Words need a voice.

I love the smell of my mother’s hair after she washes it.

I love the feel of the scratchy stubble on my father’s face before he shaves.

But I’ve never been able to tell them”

Extract from ‘Out of My Mind’, page 15.

Using your five senses and observations as inspiration, share a few things you love in your world that make you feel at home, comfortable and safe. They will vary from person to person. Post them in a descriptive statement.



Spelling to help with this week’s homework



e, i, ci, er, ed, c, ti, s, ou, a, ough, u, ar, y


e lec tric (rule.4)
e lec tri cian  r.4, r.14
en tered r.28
ex cep tions r.2, r.14
fa vour r.4
fu el r.4
gen u ine r.4, r.7
hand ful r.22
hard ly r.6

Personality Adjectives

Follow the link to a list of English adjectives to describe someone’s personality.

You may wish to use these to describe yourself when composing your I AM poem or when developing your three characters for your narrative this week.

What three adjectives would you honestly use to describe yourself?

Glitter Words Comments Pictures



Information Report Writing – Pick a Topic/Subject

We have selected LUNA PARK, MELBOURNE as our whole class topic to introduce how to write an information report.

Step 1 – Research

Here are a few resources we have gathered online to tune in this morning…

Scenic Railway Wooden Roller Coaster Movie @ Luna Park, Melbourne

Luna Park, Melbourne – Official Website

Celebrating 100 years of Luna Park (Movie Clip)

Only Melbourne Tourism Website – Luna Park, Melbourne (Report)

St.Kilda Historical Society – This website listed December 13th, 1912 as the official opening date of Luna Park. It was opened by ‘The Greater J D (Joseph Dixon) Williams Amusement Co.