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Hello 6T

Hello 6T,

Thank you for a wonderfull first week at Apollo Parkways in grade 6T! I have had such a fun and exciting week with you all. I look forward to spending the last three weeks of term three with you, and getting to know each one of you. You are a very bright bunch and I am very excited to teach you all as well as learn from you aswell :).

Just so I can get to know you guys better can you all please leave a comment telling me something interesting about yourselves so I can get to know you all abit better. Please remember to be cybersafe and not realease any personal details as well as being appropriate.

Thank you 6T will see you on Monday.

Miss Spencer.

Welcome Molly!

It’s day one of term two and already 6T is in the door and excited to be back at Apollo Parkways. We would like to welcome Molly to our grade and hope she has an amazing final year of primary school with us. The following passage is written by Molly…

Hi my name is Molly and I just moved into the area last Friday. I like to play a lot of sport and I’ve been playing soccer and basketball for the past four years. I have three younger brothers and a dog called Piper. People have told me that I can act very good and I am looking forward to being a part of the Apollo Parkways school production in term three.

Can you create a post to welcome Molly to 6T, our school and Greensborough?