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King Henry Doesn’t Usually Drink Chocolate Milk

Stop right there! Right now on the Maths page on this blog is a great resource ready for you to download! Yes it is a chart explaining the King Henry strategy which employs the greek words kilo, hecto, deca, unit, deci, centi and milli to explain our measurement system and HELP YOU with ALL measurement conversions!

Remember though,

1km = 1000m

1m = 100cm

1cm = 10mm

Multiply when converting to the right (and move that decimal place accordingly)

Divide when converting to the left (and move that decimal place accordingly)

Term 3 Science – We Need…..

To help resource the science lessons over the next few weeks, the grade six team are asking students to bring a few items from home. Remember, students will be working in small cooperative groups so only a few items per group is required, not 107 for the year level.

We need…

Battery operated torches (name item)

Battery operated childrens toys (name item)

Empty, unsquashed and rinsed out soft drink cans.

Thanks everybody. Please bring to school no later than 9am on Wednesday 17th July. Miss Convery will be so excited.