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Maths – 10% off Hardware

Bunnings Warehouse is having a one-day sale of 10% off everything. You have to determine two things: the savings and finally the new reduced price for each of the items below.

tool box $48

tape measure $ 30

saw $19.90

hammer $30.50

Drill $64.50

Rule up a table to present your workings neatly using the suggested mathematical formulas covered in class this week. Early finishers can see Miss Tomat for some worded problems to challenge your percentage ‘of’ and ‘off’ skills!!

Maths – Mental % Warmup

50% of $80 = Find a simple fraction equivalent of 50%, then divide 80 by 2.

10% of $480 = Find a simple fraction equivalent of 10%. Divide by 10: move decimal point one place to the left.

How would you work out 20% of $520 ?