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Can you interpret the data on ANY graph?

Click on the link to access the data and statistics MATHS CHARTS created by Jenny Eather.

All graph representations are included

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 12.08.46 am

  1. Your job is to select 4 different graph posters – take a screen capture of each.
  2. Insert the 4 images into a Comic Life document – you may need a few pages to do this task well on your iPad
  3. Create a fact file for each graph to interpret the data displayed using your knowledge of MODE, MEDIAN, RANGE and MEAN. You can also create your own statements to define the data size, compare and contrast and even make predictions. You may also suggest how this information may be used, how it could bring about change or inform.

Good luck! Upload the completed task to your Webdav folder – saved as a PDF file for colour printing!

You have session 3 and 4 only to complete this task. Pace yourself well team!

Whirling Water

This week students worked in collaborative teams to create a waterwheel.

They had to identify one variable to change on their waterwheel and test which of the two models ran more efficiently (the time taken to wind up the string with the weight attached).

ENERGY cannot be created or destroyed: only transferred or transformed. Energy makes things work – it produces changes and makes things happen.

Energy is transferred when it passes from one object to another.

Energy is transformed when it takes on another form of energy.

Try to view the footage below from Group 5’s experiment. What is the variable they have changed/modified in their 2nd waterwheel?









Integrated Curriculum – Global Balance Investigation

Consider and compare the various ways humans have used and affected the Australian environment. Can you recommend ways of protecting an environmentally sensitive area in a sustainable way? Use the design brief below for your GLOBAL BALANCE individual investigation this week!

IC Design Brief Week 8 & 9


You may find the following weblinks and resources useful.

Glossary of Geographic Terms

Economy Vs Environment Table

Concept Map_Coffee