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Term 4 – Week 1: Grammar

Independent clause sentences

  • The sun is hot.
  • Australian Rules Football has finished its season for 2016.
  • Apollo Parkways Primary School is located in Greensborough.
  • Our school canteen sells many healthy lunch options.
  • Grade 6 students go to Camp Coonawarra in March.
  • The cake was burnt.
  • There was a hot day timetable on Tuesday.
  • The dessert was delicious.
  • David assisted his parents.
  • Builders wear protective gear.
  • I phoned the Police.
  • We completed the task.

Dependent clauses start with conjunctions such as until, when, where, since, because, as, after, although and before. These conjunctions may tell about time, place or reason.

Complete the following task in workbooks…

Use one independent clause sentence + conjunction (see above) + create your own dependent clause to expand and create a new sentence.

Grammar: What is a metaphor?

What is a metaphor?

Is a comparison that does not include the words like or as.

For Example:

– The snow is a white blanket.

– My teacher is a dragon.

– The computers at school are old dinosaurs.

– Those two best friends are two peas in a pod.


Create a short story using a minimum of 6 metaphors. Illustrate the metaphors to support your work.