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Can you explain GST in Australia?

Can you identify the GST component of invoices and receipts?

How can you demonstrate the use of percentages and make connections between equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages to FIND the GST on particular products?

1) Watch and take Skinny Notes:

2) Complete the discussion questions on your iPad. Copy and paste these questions into the Pages app. Type responses under each question.

a) In your own words, describe what tax is.
b) What are taxes used for?
c) What does GST stand for?
d) Name three products that you don’t pay GST on.
e) Which products do you buy that have GST on them?
f) What is the difference between goods and services?
g) GST makes up ____% of the price we pay for things.
h) What changes might the government make to the GST?
i) Why is the government thinking of making the changes?
j) Name three thingsyou learnt watching the GST Changes story.


3) Let’s hit the shops! Study shopping receipts (dockets).

Collect shopping receipts to look for examples of GST. As a class or individually, answer the following questions:

  • What items have GST? Highlight
  • What items are GST free? Highlight
  • What is the total tax amount included in this receipt?

A helpful resource…

You can refer to the ATO’s website for a listing of GST free foods and beverages

4) Now, look at our School Canteen Pricelist 2015, to complete the following table in your maths grid book!

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 10.14.57 am

It’s not over yet! Now…what did you earn?

Hi 6T,

So yesterday you consumed possibly one too many sweet, yummy, homemade goodies! You ran a successful stall and had an enjoyable market day.

But what happens now?

Bank your money that’s what!

  • In maths this morning, work with your business partner/s and count your money. Return the contributions you put in at the start yesterday to create a float and then write on the A3 landscape sheets on the board HOW MUCH YOUR STORE MADE/SOLD!
  • Then split the cash 2 or 3 ways (depending on the number of students) and line up at the bank and deposit the lot! No cash is to be left in wallets, tubs or pencil cases!
  • The bankers will work extra hard this morning and at the end will write the FINAL bank balances on the A3 class list and display on the board.


Add the assets in a new column for a final total.

Then we will determine the wealthiest 6T ‘Earn and Learn’ student of 2014!!

Happy Banking 🙂