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This Christmas, make your words mean something!

All year you have been guided to complete various writing tasks and in various genres. But when you write a Christmas card to a family member, friend or teacher…it’s all over to you.

Writing a card is an open-ended task where you get to let someone in on how thankful you are, how you value them, something you enjoyed sharing and many more thoughts from your year with that person.

So today when you complete your writing tasks…..make your Christmas Card writing mean something! Christmas Card Reading then, Christmas_Cards.

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Let’s Celebrate – Grade Christmas Parties


Tomorrow (Thursday December 18th) will be the day for the Grade 6 Christmas party. It will be held at 12 o’clock. Students DO NOT need to bring any food or drinks for the grade parties as we have plenty of food and drink left over from the Graduation disco.

Students will need to bring their lunch as usual, the canteen is now closed so no lunch orders, as well as a paper plate.

Also students need to return their inter school sport tops if they haven’t already and also tomorrow is the day that the Kris Kringle is being drawn in each grade so if you still want to participate you will need to bring in your present. Please see the previous post related to the Kris Kringle.

Kris Kringle in Grade 6 – 2014

Dear Parents and Grade 6 Students,

Grade 6 is having a Kris Kringle to celebrate the end of the year. Participation is voluntary. To participate children need to bring a gift of no more than $5 value to school by Friday 12th December.
In choosing the gift, school rules should be followed:

  • If it is unsuitable to bring to school then it is unsuitable to give as a Kris Kringle.
  • Boys please bring a present labelled boy and girls please bring a present labelled girl.


Children will exchange gifts on the final assembly day, Thursday 18th December.

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