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Camp Coonawarra – Make an advertising pamphlet!

Now that you have spent a week at Camp Coonawarra, you have enough experience to describe the outdoor activities and persuade other schools to go there and have as much fun as you did!

How can you do this?

6T is having a ‘brochure’ competition! Miss Tomat will award two lucky winners whom present the most creative, colourful, persuasive and enticing advertising brochures. They must also include the key featuers listed in the design brief and create it using their iPads.

The competition closes on Thursday 3rd April by 3.30pm. All entries are to be updated to the 6T WebDav server! Winners announced after interschool sport on Friday 4th April!

All students have had their draft planning template approved by Miss Tomat – stick to the plan guys and get colourful and creative!