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Prisms are one of the three categories of Polyhedrons. Prisms are 3D shapes with parallel and congruent* end faces, with the shape of the pair of congruent faces giving each prism its name.

*Congruent figures have exactly the same shape and size.

Is a cylinder a prism? Explain your answer by adding a comment to this post…


What is a conic section?


Explain the rhombic prism!



This morning we explored the definition of a ‘Polyhedron’ on our iPads. We came up with the following statements,

  • a solid shape with many faces
  • ‘hedron’ is Greek for faces
  • Each face of a Polyhedron is a polygon
  • ‘poly’ is Greek for many
  • A polygon has no curved surfaces. It is a closed shape
  • Polygons can be regular and irregular
  • Polyhedrons can be classed into three categories – pyramids, prisms and platonic solids
  • 3D shapes have faces, edges and vertices.
  • Faces: A flat individual surface of a solid object.
  • Edges: Line segment that joins two vertices/ where two surfaces meet.
  • Vertices: Corners, connects the shape together. The point where two or more surfaces meet.