Science Lesson Resources

Week 8

Electrical Energy Keywords

Gardening Video Clip

Week 7

Generating Electricity

Battery Procedure

Battery investigation planner




Week 6

Lesson 1 (with Miss Convery) -Problem Solvers: What’s it all about?

Problem solvers_investigation planner

Lab Notes; Whats it all about

Lesson 2 (with Miss Tomat) – Problem Solvers: What’s it all about? (follow up)

Summarise your findings in this session – use your ‘recording results’ list – Recording Results


Week 6 – TERM TWO, 2014

Lesson 1 (with Miss Convery) – Enacting Electrons

Lesson 2 (with Miss Tomat) Domestic Help

Teaching example: How Electricity gets to your home using a FLOW CHART & procedural description

Sources of Energy Table

Where does electrical energy come from_page 1

Where does electrical energy come from_page 2

Lesson 3 (with Miss Tomat) Necessary Energy, investigating the use of appliances

Energy 101_ Wind Power

Energy 101_ Solar Power

Energy 101_ Electricity Generation

Week 5 – Open Morning – Wednesday 21st May, 2014

Electrical Switch 1

Electrical Switch 2

Week 4

Lesson 1 (with Miss Tomat) – Here comes the sun


Lesson 2 (with Miss Convery) – Mobilising Movement/Whirling Water

waterwheel procedure

Water investigation planner

Lesson 3 (with Miss Tomat) – Mobilising Movement/Whirling Water

recording results

Week 2: Lesson 1 (with Miss Convery) – Light Up My Life

P.R.O.E. – Lighting Up my Life

Week 2: Lesson 2 – Light bulb explorers

Inside a light bulb

Week 2: Lesson 3 – Alessandro Volta


Kids Corner Website

Chronological List and biography of Alessandro Volta


Week 1: Lesson 1 – What makes it go?

Observations Table with 3 questions

A cutaway diagram shows us “hidden” parts of a subject by removing part of its surface. The key features are,

  • Cutaway: an area of the surface has been removed so we can see inside
  • Labels and arrows: to name parts of the subject
  • Detail: to show a part enlarged, in order to see very small but important details.
  • Visit resource for cutaway diagram.

Week 1: Lesson 2 (with Miss Convery) – Scientific Support

Request for scientific support




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