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Cultural Diversity – Migration Project

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Push and Pull Factors of Immigration






How the Census measures cultural background

The 2011 Census asked several questions which help to provide a picture of Australia’s cultural profile. These included:

  • In which country was the person born?
  • Was the person’s father born in Australia or overseas?
  • Was the person’s mother born in Australia or overseas?
  • If born overseas – In what year did the person first arrive in Australia to live here for one year or more?
  • What is the person’s ancestry? (Provide up to two ancestries only).
  • Is the person of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin?
  • Does the person speak a language other than English at home?
  • How well does the person speak English?
  • What is the person’s religion?

Read the Reflecting a Nation article. If you were a government leader, what conclusions would you and your party form from the 2011 census regarding cultural diversity in Australia and the needs and wants of your communities to lead happy, harmonious, and healthy lifestyles?

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