Inquiry Unit #post2

Where do you get your information?

When you research anything, your information will come from either a primary or secondary source.

What is the difference between the two?

You need to find out information about your individual inquiry topic from both a primary and seondary source. Once you have found this, you need to post it on your own blog.

REMEMBER: You must reference properly where you found your information, otherwise you can not post it on your blog.

Inquiry Unit #post1

To commence your inquiry unit your will need to post an interesting image to your own blog! Don’t forget to source the URL of your image.

Once uploading an image, write three interesting statements about what that image represents in relation to your term 4 inquiry.

You can also add 3 closed questions and 3 open questions at the bottom of your post!

Happy blogging Grade 6!

Week 2: Grammar Task – Commas

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 10.58.26 amThe comma is the punctuation mark most likely to cause angst. This is largely the result of the many different ways the comma is used. Sometimes, the comma indicates a pause that would occur if the sentence were spoken aloud. Other times, the comma separates grammatical components of the sentence.


Read the following examples and complete the activities:

Grammar – Comma pg 5

Grammar – Comma pg 6

Grammar – Comma pg 7

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 11.00.41 am



Week 2: GLT – Latin Base Words

In your Group Learning Task you are to explore the latin meanings within words. Many words we use contain a base/root word which has an origin and meaning – you may also see similarities in spelling.

Use the ‘Root Words’ link below and read the charts with your group. Select latin meanings (root words) that relates to themes within our Term 4 Inquiry Unit.


Environmental Messages in Rock Music!

Midnight Oil sings, ‘Blue Sky Mine’


Hey, hey-hey hey
There’ll be food on the table tonight
Hey, hey, hey hey
There’ll be pay in your pocket tonightMy gut is wrenched out it is crunched up and broken
A life that is led is no more than a token
Who’ll strike the flint upon the stone and tell me why
If I yell out at night there’s a reply of bruised silence
The screen is no comfort I can’t speak my sentence
They blew the lights at heaven’s gate and I don’t know whyBut if I work all day at the blue sky mine
(There’ll be food on the table tonight)
Still I walk up and down on the blue sky mine
(There’ll be pay in your pocket tonight)The candy store paupers lie to the share holders
They’re crossing their fingers they pay the truth makers
The balance sheet is breaking up the sky
So I’m caught at the junction still waiting for medicine
The sweat of my brow keeps on feeding the engine
Hope the crumbs in my pocket can keep me for another night
And if the blue sky mining company won’t come to my rescue
If the sugar refining company won’t save me
Who’s gonna save me?But if I work all day…

And some have sailed from a distant shore
And the company takes what the company wants
And nothing’s as precious, as a hole in the ground

Who’s gonna save me?
I pray that sense and reason brings us in
Who’s gonna save me?
We’ve got nothing to fear

In the end the rain comes down
Washes clean, the streets of a blue sky town


Using the hidden key words and slogans cleverly inserted during the film clip, commence your investigation to discover what this song is about.


Describe in your own words the purpose of and meaning of the song ‘Blue Sky Mine’.

How has human intervention impacted our environment and living things within it?







John Williamson sings, ‘Rip Rip Woodchip’


What am I gonna do?
What about the future?
Gotta draw the line without delay
Why shouldn’t I get emotional?
The bush is sacred
Ancient life will fade away
Over the hill I go
Killing another mountain
Gotta fill the quota
Can’t go slow
Huge machinery
Wiping out the scenery
One big swipe like a shearers blow[Chorus]
Rip rip wood chip
Turn it into paper
Throw it in the bin
No news today
Nightmare dreaming
Can’t you hear the screaming
Chainsaw I saw more decayRemember the axeman knew their timber
Cared about the way they brought it down
Crosscut black but tallowood and cedar
Build another bungalow pioneer town
I am the bush and I am koala
We as one go hand in hand
I am the bush like Banjo and Henry
Its in my blood gonna make a stand[Chorus: x2]

Rip rip wood chip
Turn it into paper
Throw it in the bin
Don’t understand
Nightmare dreaming
Can’t you hear the screaming
Stirs my blood gonna make a stand

Rip Rip Woodchip lyrics © BMG RIGHTS MANAGEMENT US, LLC

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