Resuscitate a Mate

On Thursday 16th May, the grade 6 students will learn all about CPR. (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)

Surf Life Saving Victoria will be sending out instructors to train all the grade 6 students.

We will be going to the community centre for our lesson.

It is such a valuable skill to learn and, who knows? You may actually need to use this skill one day.



Reading – Cause and Effect

This week we are investigating the fourth reading strategy – Recognising Cause and Effect. There is a reason for everything that happens.

What happens is the effect.

Why it happens is called the cause.

Can you think of two sentences using the formula below?



Information Report Writing – Pick a Topic/Subject

We have selected LUNA PARK, MELBOURNE as our whole class topic to introduce how to write an information report.

Step 1 – Research

Here are a few resources we have gathered online to tune in this morning…

Scenic Railway Wooden Roller Coaster Movie @ Luna Park, Melbourne

Luna Park, Melbourne – Official Website

Celebrating 100 years of Luna Park (Movie Clip)

Only Melbourne Tourism Website – Luna Park, Melbourne (Report)

St.Kilda Historical Society – This website listed December 13th, 1912 as the official opening date of Luna Park. It was opened by ‘The Greater J D (Joseph Dixon) Williams Amusement Co.





Term 2 Begins With Our New Grade Blog!

Hope you enjoyed your Easter break and Term One school holidays. Are you ready to launch right into Term 2?

With a new term comes our new grade blog! An exciting local and global tool that we will use daily to support our learning and investigations through online communications. That’s right…it’s time to revise quality blog commenting!

What makes a quality blog comment?

What advice, tips or suggestions can you give to refresh your peers, and to support first time bloggers?

Remember, all comments are approved by teachers. We don’t publish rubbish!

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