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The Final Market Day Special Event

The final Market Day is coming soon. In week 7 you will complete a business application to approve your stall for this one off special event occurring in week 9 on Tuesday 2nd December. Your teachers will inform you about the varitiey of stalls that would be appropriate and suitable for the afternoon. Use the documents below to help your planning and preparation. Some ideas are,

The stall is to be self sufficient

There is limited, we mean LIMITED power supply

Minimal drink themed stalls will be approved (set up outside)

Big rewards for the most inventive, creative and new ideas

Homemade baked goods, homemade sweets, healthy alternatives, services, winning skill games, little products or tokens to keep!

Resources to use…

Market Day By-Laws

Market Day Application


Government jobs are: Bank Manager, Treasurer, General Secretary, Deputy PM and Security.

POR: On a Pages document, write what position you want and how much (between $1 and $150) you think it is worth per week

Businesses: You need to write an application for a business. Make sure you are thinking laterally when applying for your business.

POR Application

Government Application

Business Application

Pay Sheet

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