Term 4 – 2014 – Geometric Reasoning

Explore the interior angles in a triangle. What is the angle sum in a triangle? Visit Maths is Fun. How about the interior angles of quadrilaterals?

Term 4 – 2014 – Volume and Capacity

Mathletics Student Resource – Volume and Capacity

Working out the volumes of everyday objects


Term 4 – 2014 – Location and Transformation

The Cartesian plane or number plane is a way to visually describe location on a grid.

Create a T-Rex by plotting co-ordinates

Mathletics Activities – plotting coordinates

Place the Coordinates


Term 3 – 2014 – Frctions, decimals and percentages
Addition & Subtraction of Fractions




If there is one thing you can do right now to develop your maths skills…it is…..learn your times tables! Here is a downloadable resource to help you. Tables Helper

Mr O’Brien suggested this amazing site for learn your timestables. Hope it works on the iPad!

Measurement – Converting units

King Henry Chart

Patterns and functions – recursive number sequences


Introduction to Negative Numbers

Negative Numbers Activity 1

Negative Numbers Activities

Finding Factors of Numbers

 Finding the Greatest Common Factor

3D Shape Portfolio Task – Term One, Week 7

Download the 3D Shape Portfolio Task and follow the design brief to complete it on your iPad using the ‘Pages’ app.



 Class activities

Nets of 3D shapes

Think Board

Grid Template



For example.

What is the elapsed time from 11.30pm to 2.08am?

So I begin at 11.30pm —— I JUMP to the nearest hour which is Midnight (+ 30 mins)

I then jump in hour increments towards 2am. (+ 120 mins OR 2 hours). Why? It’s easier to learn to calculate elapsed time when you are on the o’clock!

I am now on 2am. I need to finish at 2.08am. (+ 8 mins).

Ready to solve the problem? Add up all your ‘jumps’ (30 mins + 2 hours + 8 mins = 2 hours and 38 minutes).


Would you calculate the elapsed time for this problem in another way? If so, post your thinking to this page for the problem above!

Here are six problems to complete in your workbook.

  1. 3.21am to 5.06am =

  2. 12.34pm to 5.19pm =

  3. 6.48am to 11.23am =

  4. 10.56am to 2.07pm =

  5. 10.32pm to 4.18am =

  6. 11.58pm to 1.18am =


Early Finishers for Tuesday 7th May

24 hour time

24 hour time 2


Save this for Thursday 9th May in class



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