Comprehension Strategies

Strategy 1: Finding the Main Idea

Finding the Main Idea with text

Strategy 3: Understanding Sequence

Strategy 4: Recognising Cause & Effect

Individual Learning Task: Shark (Info. Report)

Strategy 6: Making Predictions

Strategy 8: Drawing Conclusions and Making Inferences

Cartoon_Drawing conclusions_Inferences

Strategy 10: Identifying Author’s Purpose - http://www.sparklee.comAuthors Purpose Presentation



Strategy 11: Interpreting Figurative Language

Figurative Language Devices

  Locate these images and other posters for Reading and Comprehension Skills here.

Strategy 12: Summarising

In Week 5 we used a Story Wheel to help us practise summarising the story so that we could retell.  First we brainstormed all the events we could remember and looked at them to make sure we had them in the right sequence.  Then we needed to decide which were the 5 most important to us so that we would have enough to retell the story.  We wrote the title in one of the wedges of the wheel and filled the rest with illustrations that would help us remember.  It was hard to work out the most important events and sometimes we disagreed on what was important, but we all found ways to summarise the story. CatStory_Paul Jennings

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