Literature Circles

Term 2 – 2015- Week 7: Literature Circles Begins in Grade 6

What is a Literature Circle?

A literature circle is a small group of students that are reading the same book.

How does a Literature Circle group work?

Groups meet regularly to discuss the part of the book they have agreed to read up to. Each student has a different role in these discussions and they take turns to share their completed tasks. These roles rotate each session. Each session is led by ‘Discussion Director’ who prepares questions to promote comprehension of the text and guides discussion.


When the group completes their text they prepare a Showcase to present their reading journey to the whole class. In the past, students have celebrated their text by acting out a scene, designing a 3D model, creating an advertisement for the book or giving a multimedia presentation…the sky is the limit! Most students choose to use their iPad to create a vodcast. How will your group celebrate the text..?

Literature Circle roles

Tips for presenting your role:

Tips for presenting roles

6T has been grouped into four teams.

Each team has been assigned a different novel to read and complete comprehension tasks throughout the remainder of the term. Sufficient class time is allocated each week to complete the required reading and allocated task. If you are finding you need more time, it is your responsibility to take it home to catch up! You must stick to the timetable so that your weekly conference session with Miss Tomat runs smoothly! Plus…you are up-to-date and feel awesome!

One more thing, as the timetable is created for the next month you are able to complete the tasks and show your group if you are ever absent.

Other than summarising EVERY chapter, you will be assigned only four of the selected roles to complete in Term Two’s Literature Circle round. Please don’t jump ahead!

JUST A DOG – Conference every MONDAY

OTHER BROTHER – Conference every TUESDAY




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