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Day in Year Seven Reflection – Complete Thursday 3rd December

View the DAY IN YEAR SEVEN photo folder on the 6Shared server. Use 10 – 15 photos to create a Keynote presentation answering the questions below. There should be 6 slides in total….please stick to this design brief.

  1. What was your favourite class? Why?
  2. What was your least favourite subject? Why?
  3. Describe what you are looking forward to at Secondary College?
  4. List things that you are unsure of…
  5. What secondary college are you going to? Write a small paragraph describing what you already know or have learnt about your new school.

Guest Speaker at the Diamond Valley (Yarra Plenty Regional) Library

Mariam Issa – refugee and Community Gardener

Mariam recently featured on Gardening Australia and in the Age. The grade 6 team visited the library today to listen to Mariam’s story as she talked about her book on resilience and her personal life journey as a refugee. Mariam has started her own Community garden involving all members of the community and has started two associations for women (RAW) and for men (RAM).

Upon returning to Apollo Parkways, 6T discussed the inferrering meaning in Mariam’s continued reference and story to explain how the bee visits over 2000 flowers to gather enough pollen to achieve a teaspoon of honey. How do we all contribute to create a teaspoon of honey? Meaning…are we a community? And what does it mean by the saying…it takes a whole community to raise one child?

Yes we are a diverse society, but are we a community? Despite our cultural difference, various customs, traditions, languages and interests, how are we similar to the core?

Thank-you Mariam for your story today.

Grade 6T – can you share some of your reflections or parting ideas since attending today’s presentation at the library.–mariam-issa-refugee-and-community-gardener

Are you ready to be a buddy?

Do you have what it takes in be an effective mentor to your Prep Buddy? Are you able to demonstrate Apollo’s Core Values – The 5C’s?






You are to create a 2 minute presentation on your iPad to recruit and educate your grade 6 peers to become and be a successful mentor and an effective Buddy throughout the year. Use an ‘app’ of choice on your iPad. The quality of your planning and storyboard will grant you permission to commence the creating phase!

Click on the link below for the design brief

The 5C Experience

Term One Goal Setting

In order to set an individual goal, you need to reflect upon and identify the specific skills and behaviours which you perceive to be your strengths and weaknesses. These self-evaluations form the basis of goal-setting.

Next, consider a Curriculum Content for your Goal. Some examples include…

  • Homework and personal organisation
  • Mathematics
  • English (Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening)
  • P.E
  • LOTE

Here are the suggested steps when you are goal setting.

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 8.48.35 AM








Template example – Setting up your goal

What are the ‘Habits of Mind’?

The Habits of Mind are an identified set of 16 problem solving, life related skills, necessary to effectively operate in society and promote strategic reasoning, insightfulness, perseverance, creativity and craftsmanship. The understanding and application of these 16 Habits of Mind serve to provide the individual with skills to work through real life situations that equip that person to respond using awareness (cues), thought, and intentional strategy in order to gain a positive outcome.

(After Arthur L. Costa and Bena Kallick, Habits of Mind: A Developmental Series, Copyright © 2000)
Habits of Mind