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Day in Year Seven Reflection – Complete Thursday 3rd December

View the DAY IN YEAR SEVEN photo folder on the 6Shared server. Use 10 – 15 photos to create a Keynote presentation answering the questions below. There should be 6 slides in total….please stick to this design brief.

  1. What was your favourite class? Why?
  2. What was your least favourite subject? Why?
  3. Describe what you are looking forward to at Secondary College?
  4. List things that you are unsure of…
  5. What secondary college are you going to? Write a small paragraph describing what you already know or have learnt about your new school.

Hello 6T

Hello 6T,

Thank you for a wonderfull first week at Apollo Parkways in grade 6T! I have had such a fun and exciting week with you all. I look forward to spending the last three weeks of term three with you, and getting to know each one of you. You are a very bright bunch and I am very excited to teach you all as well as learn from you aswell :).

Just so I can get to know you guys better can you all please leave a comment telling me something interesting about yourselves so I can get to know you all abit better. Please remember to be cybersafe and not realease any personal details as well as being appropriate.

Thank you 6T will see you on Monday.

Miss Spencer.

See you Monday!

Hello 6T! Hope you are enjoying your last weekday of the school holidays!

Yeah, I get to see you all on Monday!

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 4.21.28 pmLooking forward to sitting together and viewing each completed documentary for the Cultural Diversity project on day one. We will have a lucky dip and randomnly select the viewing order as each student presents their completed project on their chosen country.

Remember: There was no set timeline, but there was 5 set tasks that you had to research and present within your final edited iMovie.

Make sure you charge you iPad overnight on Sunday! It may be a good idea to store your school bag and runners near the plugged in iPad the night before so that you don’t forget it. As the letter sent home in term 2 listed, a letter signed by a parent must be submitted on Monday morning if you are unable to present your project on Monday 13th July.

Stay warm over the weekend – you are welcome to bring cosy slippers to wear in class and warm your toes next term if you like 😉

See you Monday guys! From Miss Tomat XX

Education Week – Open Morning Task

For our Education week Open Morning activity we will be completing an activity on designing your own dream home. To do so you will need your maths grid book, your ruler and a gray lead pencil.

Please click on the pdf below to view the activity.


When designing your dream home you need to include; bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom/s, a laundry, living/family room and a garage or carport. Once these have been included be creative and remember to draw your home to scale.

Here is an example of a house plan.



Start collecting!

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 1.58.38 pmIf you find yourself throwing an empty tin can into your recycle bin, think again!

Could you please donate any sized ’empty’ tin cans to be reused in an upcoming activity!

Wash out the empty cans and if possible, remove the label. Bring them to school and put in the box labeled – 6T’s Reuseable Tin Cans.

Thank you,

Miss Tomat 🙂

Guest Speaker at the Diamond Valley (Yarra Plenty Regional) Library

Mariam Issa – refugee and Community Gardener

Mariam recently featured on Gardening Australia and in the Age. The grade 6 team visited the library today to listen to Mariam’s story as she talked about her book on resilience and her personal life journey as a refugee. Mariam has started her own Community garden involving all members of the community and has started two associations for women (RAW) and for men (RAM).

Upon returning to Apollo Parkways, 6T discussed the inferrering meaning in Mariam’s continued reference and story to explain how the bee visits over 2000 flowers to gather enough pollen to achieve a teaspoon of honey. How do we all contribute to create a teaspoon of honey? Meaning…are we a community? And what does it mean by the saying…it takes a whole community to raise one child?

Yes we are a diverse society, but are we a community? Despite our cultural difference, various customs, traditions, languages and interests, how are we similar to the core?

Thank-you Mariam for your story today.

Grade 6T – can you share some of your reflections or parting ideas since attending today’s presentation at the library.–mariam-issa-refugee-and-community-gardener

Welcome 6T – Class of 2015!

The first day of school can be both very exciting and at the same time, a farewell to the freedom of summer holidays. Although the summer season is still upon us, so is the commencement of your final year in primary school. So get ready for Grade 6 guys because it will be the best year yet!

The First Day in Grade 6T – Reflective writing statements

How was your first day of school in GRADE 6?

Do you have any creative ideas to share with us?

Let’s Celebrate – Grade Christmas Parties


Tomorrow (Thursday December 18th) will be the day for the Grade 6 Christmas party. It will be held at 12 o’clock. Students DO NOT need to bring any food or drinks for the grade parties as we have plenty of food and drink left over from the Graduation disco.

Students will need to bring their lunch as usual, the canteen is now closed so no lunch orders, as well as a paper plate.

Also students need to return their inter school sport tops if they haven’t already and also tomorrow is the day that the Kris Kringle is being drawn in each grade so if you still want to participate you will need to bring in your present. Please see the previous post related to the Kris Kringle.

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