Quality Summaries – Session 3&4 (23rd July)

After you have read a chapter in Literature Circles you are to summarise it.

Not during or while you are reading. Do it after! Why?

Once reading the whole chapter you are able to reflect back and identify ONLY the main ideas to write in your summary. If you do it while you read, you may write minor details and descriptions of the chapter and miss the key events or main ideas.

Today, read chapter 1 of Seeshells together. (See 6M blog)
Then hands up, and share the main facts we learn in that chapter. Your teacher will write them on the board. Read and reflect. Are your dot points facts? Are they the main ideas?

  • The 3 brothers own the boat. Their names are Tommo, Jacko and Johnno.
  • The main character is a boy named Alan. He is 15 years old.
  • This is a holiday job for Alan.
  • The boat is named the Oracle.
  • The last worker has left – the brothers say he is “feeding the fishes”

Do not include detail like…
[x] The brothers had checked shirts on!
[x] Alan walked up the gangplank to get onto the boat.

These are not main ideas. They are details!

Copy the dot points on the board into your workbooks. Then merge them to write your very own paragraph. An example is below. You may want to unveil it after you have a go first!

Chapter 1

The main character is named Alan and he is 15 years old. He gets his first job over the holidays and his employers are 3 brothers named, Tommo, Jacko and Johnno. Alan is working on a cray boat named, Oracle. The brothers say that the previous employee is “feeding the fishes”. Alan wanted to asked ‘why’ he was feeding the fishes but he decided not too – he assumes that the employee died.  

Keep going guys! Read chapter 2, then identify the main ideas in dot points, then summarise in ONE detailed paragraph.

Chapter 2
Example 1) The 3 brothers give Alan jobs to do on the boat straight away. The boys sing songs as they work. Alan inquires about the ‘Shelly’ tattoo on their hands, discovering that she is their little sister. Upon meeting Shelly, he learns of her beauty and the protective nature of her older brothers and the potential dangers of talking to her.

Example 2) The 3 brothers sing together as they work and Alan notices a tattoo on the 3 brothers hands. It is Shelly their little sister. Alan is instantly attracted by her.

You can see that example 2 is lacking main ideas.

Chapter 3:
Alan appears to be thoroughly enjoying life on the boat and is engaged in learning a variety of jobs. The brothers notice all his hard work. As he develops a love for being on the boat so does his attraction for Shelly. Whenever he gets near her the brothers ‘pop-up’ and send him to the other end of the, Oracle.

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