Can you use a discussion planning proforma correctly?

You have the skills to think of quality arguments for BOTH sides of an argument. You can also discuss and supply supportive evidence to back up your arguments.

But, can you use a planning proforma template to clearly present your ideas well before you compose your draft? Today is your lucky day!

Read the annotated example and assist your teacher to enter the for/against arguments into the proforma displayed on the TV during your lesson. You may create additional supportive evidence that is not listed in the piece titled, Should Students Walk to School?

Demonstrate your skills by finally reading the piece titled, The Fast Food Proposal and completing your own planning proforma. Once again, you can add your creative flair by providing your own supportive evidence in dot points below. The text is there to assist you!

Happy planning and remember you are only planning! Dot points should be brief containing the main ideas – you can flesh it out with more description when you compose your draft later in the week!

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